About Us

Buffalo Turbines taps into a heritage with an installed base of 500 Single & Multistage turbines and steam turbine gensets operating in over 20 countries. Buffalo Turbine turbines are consistent with API standards, and are capable of conforming to global standards CE, BS, DIN, IEC, ASME, ASTM, NEMA, API, AGMA, TEMA & HEI.

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Our Services

Buffalo Turbines offers experienced technicians and service personnel available 24/7 for our international customer base. With our centrally located service centers, we provide exceptional steam turbine services with quick response times.

  1. Installation and Commissioning

    After capital planning, when your steam turbine genset is arriving you can rely on Buffalo Turbine’s project management personnel to execute the supervision of installing and commissioning your newly purchased steam turbine or steam turbine genset.

    We make sure that all safety and machine health monitoring precautions are carried out to ensure the maximum life of the equipment and the lowest operating cost.

    That’s our promise to you.

  2. Spare Parts and Service

    Let Buffalo Turbine’s wealth of experience help you with your OEM equipment. In certain cases where the turbine is past its economical useful life we can make a full replacement as painless as possible by providing near drop in fits for your existing original brand turbines.

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  3. Troubleshooting

    Buffalo Turbines engineers are trained on all brands. If you are experiencing intermittent problems and having difficulty let our team of specialists troubleshoot your installed turbines. They are well-trained and experienced to get to the heart of the problem quickly to minimize downtime.

  4. Refurbishing

    Because steam turbines have been around for decades, many companies are wondering if it is time to replace their old turbines. Let the service engineers at Buffalo Turbines assess your equipment. In most cases we can bring back old equipment to an as-new level.

  5. Efficiency Optimization

    Getting the most out of your turbine means minimizing fuel costs and greenhouse gases. Let Buffalo Turbines engineers assist your maintenance and operating personnel in maximizing productivity while minimizing steam usage.

  6. Annual Maintenance Contracts

    Let Buffalo Turbines ensure your steam turbines continue to run at their top efficiency. Ask us about our maintenance programs.

Our Vision

We have a big dream. Our dream is to help create a world where steam powers the light in a child’s room and the machinery in a company’s plant. We believe in a future powered by waste and biomass renewable energy.

Our Mission

Combining the strength of the highest quality materials with the force of steam to power abundant living for all.

Our Team

Who’s behind the scenes?

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Plant operations and turbine engineering
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