Manufacturing Facility

manufacturing facility Buffalo Turbines

Buffalo Turbines is home from steam turbines manufacturing Facility, our state of the art manufacturing facility covering 12 acres of land. These facilities feature a 30,000 square foot assembly bay where our highly trained technicians manufacturing steam turbines. Our facility also contains many heavy duty machines such as boring machines, radial drilling rigs, and planing machines.

Rotor Balancing Station

Rotor Balancing Station

We offer an in-house rotor balancing station used for new turbines as well as for refurbished turbines and servicing. This machine helps to ensure that our turbines are fully balanced in order to maximize their efficiency.

Steam Trial Test Bed

Steam turbine Trial Test Bed

Our in-house turbine testing area including our in-house boiler allows us to perform both the no load test at the rated turbine speed as well as the over speed trip test.

This helps to ensure that only a high quality and problem free turbine will be shipped to our customers.